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  -- Recent Installations and Photography Projects --
  Bone Black 2019
  Seventeen Shitty Mountains 2019
  Seventeen Shitty Mountains 2018
  The Sleeper / Cowcatcher 2018
  OLD 2018
  Hanging Cairn 2017
  Massa Confusa 2017
  RCA 2016
  Babel 2015-2016
  Celestial Ship of the North (Emergency Ark) 2015
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  Narcissus Incorporated 2015
  Lot Circles 2014-present
  Rustic Sputnik 2016 / Rusty Sputnik 2013
  Coronal Mass Ejection 2013
  The Egg and Michigan Central Train Station 2007-2013
  Mercury Retrograde 2012
  The End of the World 2012
  The Quarry / Steinbruch 2013
  The Secrets of Nature 2012-2014
  Garden of the Gods 2009-2011
  Tartarus 2011
  Triumph of Death 2010
  Sisyphus and the Voice of Space 2010
  New Mound City 2010
  Ziggurat and Fisher Body 21 2007-2009
  -- Ongoing Detroit-Based Photo Series' --
  In The Strait Of The Crimson Nain 2007-present
  Detroit Nights 2007-present
  Shipwrecks 1999-present
  Delrazed 2007-present
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  Detroit Wildlife 2007-present
  The Mound Project 2007-present
  Bad Graffiti 2007-present
  The Zone 1999-present
  Cast Concrete in the Auto Age 2008-present
  Mid Century Modern Playground Sculptures 2007-present
  -- Other Installations and Photography Projects --
  Roosevelt Warehouse and the Cauldron 2007-2010
  Fountain of Youth Vending Machine 2008-2010
  Lao Zhu and the Flour Factory 2009
  Detroit Midden Mound 2008
  RELICS 2001-2016
  Tire Pyramid 2006
  Animals 2006
  Icelandic Saga 2006
  Scrappers 2000-2004
  Found Slides 2000-2004
  Pictures of a City - Detroit 1997-2006
  Alchemical Works and Drawings 1997-present

THE MOUND PROJECT is a mixed media installation and photographic project focused on present day sites where ancient Native burial mounds and earthworks once stood. In Detroit, where one lone mound remains, hundreds were ransacked and leveled by pothunters, grave robbers, farmers, and developers. In their places now sit neighborhoods, factories, brown-fields and blight-ridden streets, and evidence of this ancient past is largely non-existent. Along with former sites, contemporary mounds are chronicled, and future earthworks are created, documented, and inevitably destroyed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO INDEX                                              

Great Mound of the Rouge, Detroit


Site of the Great Mound


Chix on Dix, Carbon Mound


Medusa Mound, 4th of July


Tire Mound


Dorais Velodrome Tracks, Mound Road


Dorais Lot Circles, Mound Road


Morgan Mound, Conner Creek


Mound Complex, Southwest Detroit


Fort Wayne Mound


Davison Mound Fog


Marine Mound, Detroit Harbor Terminal


Dragoon Lagoon Site


Delray Culture


Carbon Culture


Tire Tree, Carbon Works


Ancient Earthwork, Springwells Mound


Last Shack Along the Rouge


Seagull Mound, Rouge River


Federal Mogul Mound


Nike Mound


Airport Trailercoach Mound


Solvay Mound, Snow


Detroit Detail, from the Archaeological Atlas of Michigan


Mound Sites, Detroit River


Carbon Works Two-Track


Utility Mound


Medusa Mound Campers, 4th of July


Tire Mound


Georgia Earthworks


Scrap Metal Mound




Davison Mound


I-75 Overpass Mound


Boblo Mound


St Aubin Mound Complex


Moroun Mound Complex


Moroun Mound


Moroun Mounds




Salts Mounds


Moroun Mounds


Stalker Mounds


Fruehauf Enclosure


Wiping Clothes Mounds


Moroun Mounds


Mayan Mounds




Trinity Mound


Midden Mounds


Midden Mounds


Rouge Enclosure


Trailer Park Site


Fox Creek Site


Detroit 1764


Detroit 1813


Detroit 1844