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The TRIUMPH OF DEATH AND THE BREAKING WHEELS OF LIFE is a site specific installation and photo project in the Australian bush, created during a monthlong residential grant at the former home of artist Arthur Boyd, now called the Bundanon Trust. Based on the appearance of Breaking Wheels in the paintings of Pieter Breughel the Elder (Triumph of Death, Christ Carrying the Cross), Arthur Boyd's connection to Brueghel, the location of the site being known as Haunted Point ('but no one knows why...'), the Aboriginal history in the area and rumors of the nearby Ridge, the deadly Shoalhaven River currents and tides, the Buddhist Wheel of Life, my Quixotian quest curse, and a photograph of Sidney Nolan mounting a dead horse.
...along the amphitheatre trail, past the sign post, under the fallen Banksia, over the dead tree, right at the crossroads, past the termite mound, left at the lichen rock log, through the gum gates, past the snake tree, along the ridge, first at the cliff cairn, between the cave and the portal tree, 4 breaking wheels and the triumph of death. at the end of the paddock, near the old river fence, the dead horse stands. past snake mountain and the sacred stone circle, at end of the cedar trail, in the bush of haunted point, up the hill, the stone dolmen old man of the mountain wombat rock sits at the head of the ridge spine...

Bone Barrel





Breaking Wheel of Life





Triumph of Death





Cliff Cairn and Gum Arm





Mounting A Dead Horse





The Old Man of the Mountain





Breaking Wheel of Life and the Snake Tree





Bone Shore





River Tracks





Tower of Babel





Breaking Wheel of Life and Portal Tree




















Magpie to the Gallows





The Ridge Path





Stick Mound





Breaking Wheel of Life and Portal Tree





Wombat Rock





Night Falls





Bone Barrel at the River





River Bones





The Bone Cleaner





The Poor Mangey Wombat and the Willow





The Skull





The Bones





The Gum Gates





Breaking Wheel of Life





Breaking Wheel of Life and the Snake Tree





Rain Delay Cave





The Cliff Cairn





Breaking Wheel of Life





Hungry Cave










Lichen Rock on a Tree Stump





The Gum Gates





The Majestic Termite Mound





Breaking Wheel of Life





The Trapped Tree Troll





Breaking Wheel of Life





Breaking Wheel of Life with Crutch





Post Vaulting





Post Tree





Post Gathering





Quixote's Lance





Quixote's Target





The Full Moon





Dawn Fog





The Bone Barrel





Bone Barrelling





The Horse





The Sacred Stone Circle Mound





The Walking Gum





The Stone Dolmen of Haunted Point





Breaking Wheel of Life





The Paddock of Haunted Point





The Black Forest of Haunted Point





Final Night





Breaking Wheel of Life





The Red Bellied Black Snakes of Death





Breaking Wheel of Life





After the Rain





The Stick Tree





The Head of the Ridge





Wombat Skull





The Dead Horse





With The Dead Horse





You Can't Lead a Dead Horse





Sydney Nolan Mounts a Dead Horse

Desert 1952 - photograph, Sydney Nolan





Article comparing Boyd's Mining Town to Breughel's Crucifixion of Christ




Map to Breughel's Breaking Wheels of Life and Triumph of Death