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  Bone Black 2019
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  -- Ongoing Detroit-Based Photo Series' --
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  -- Other Installations and Photography Projects --
  Roosevelt Warehouse and the Cauldron 2007-2010
  Fountain of Youth Vending Machine 2008-2010
  Lao Zhu and the Flour Factory 2009
  Detroit Midden Mound 2008
  RELICS 2001-2016
  Tire Pyramid 2006
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  Pictures of a City - Detroit 1997-2006
  Alchemical Works and Drawings 1997-present

  NEW MOUND CITY is a site-specific installation and photography project created in St Louis. Based on the original nickname of St Louis – “Mound City” - the project documents current sites where ancient Native American earthworks once sat, and creates contemporary 'mounds' in their place. Much like Cahokia, the well-preserved mound complex just across the Mississippi, St Louis had dozens of mounds and earthworks, essentially being a suburb of sorts. This Mississippian culture thrived along the river roughly 1000 years ago, with an eventual population of approximately 40,000 people - making it a larger city than London at the time. Yet, the Native Americans of this region first encountered by Europeans had only mythologies about these structures, the people, and what happened to them. In contemporary St. Louis, this history is all but erased. During the course of this project, not far from what was coined the "St Louis Mound Group" in 1809, there was a tent city known as "Hopeville" - a new Mississippian culture along the great river, just east of the abandoned railroad depot, new Monk's Mound West. (below: entrance to abandoned toxic waste transfer station mound site). Glove Mound, South with Swift Drum Mound, Northeast with Asbestos Glove Mound, Southeast Drum Mound, Northwest Silhouette Glove Ship Glove Mound, North Drum Mound, Northeast with Paint Can Glove Mound, Southeast from Roof Glove Room Drum Mound, Northeast with String Glove Mound, Southeast, Here We Go Glove Mound Takes Shape Drum Mound, Northeast with Totems Glove Mound, Northwest Glove Mound Tree Glove Mound, South, Cloudy Entrance to Mound Site, Re-Boarded Monks Mound West Monks Hut North Stone Circle North New Mississippians, East from Monks Mound (Hopeville) Monks Hut South Monks Mound West, with Hut and God Monks Hut, North with Tarp Monks Mound West, West Stone Circle, Monks Tomb North




Stone Circle Hut, Monks Tomb North

Cave Paintings, Monks Mound West Fertility Goddess, Monks Mound West Monks Hut and the New Mississippians New Mississippians with Riverboat Monks Mound, Sun God Canopy Sun God Glyph Totem Canine Skeleton Oracle Game Petrified Hand Forms Artifacts, detail Mound Sites and Artifacts Divination Wheel Fossilized Enamel Time Piece Name Badges Ceremonial Solar Disk Radioactive Bulletin Board St Louis Mound Group, 1809 200 Years Later - St Louis Mound Group, 2010 Mound 27, La Grange de Terre (the earthen barn) aka The Big Mound Mound 27, La Grange de Terre (the earthen barn) aka The Big Mound Mounds 22 and 21 - Vess Mound Mound 11, the Old Reservoir Mound 19 Mounds 18, 17, and the Grand Plaza Mounds 18, 17, 16 Mounds 12, 7, and 6 aka Falling Gardens Mound Mounds 10, 9, 8, 7 Mound 4 The Old Spanish Fort


Sugarloaf Mound