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  -- Recent Installations and Photography Projects --
  Bone Black 2019
  Seventeen Shitty Mountains 2019
  Seventeen Shitty Mountains 2018
  The Sleeper / Cowcatcher 2018
  OLD 2018
  Hanging Cairn 2017
  Massa Confusa 2017
  RCA 2016
  Babel 2015-2016
  Celestial Ship of the North (Emergency Ark) 2015
  Signs 2015-present
  Narcissus Incorporated 2015
  Lot Circles 2014-present
  Rustic Sputnik 2016 / Rusty Sputnik 2013
  Coronal Mass Ejection 2013
  The Egg and Michigan Central Train Station 2007-2013
  Mercury Retrograde 2012
  The End of the World 2012
  The Quarry / Steinbruch 2013
  The Secrets of Nature 2012-2014
  Garden of the Gods 2009-2011
  Tartarus 2011
  Triumph of Death 2010
  Sisyphus and the Voice of Space 2010
  New Mound City 2010
  Ziggurat and Fisher Body 21 2007-2009
  -- Ongoing Detroit-Based Photo Series' --
  In The Strait Of The Crimson Nain 2007-present
  Detroit Nights 2007-present
  Shipwrecks 1999-present
  Delrazed 2007-present
  Holes 2007-present
  Trees 2007-present
  Memorials 2007-present
  Detroit Wildlife 2007-present
  The Mound Project 2007-present
  Bad Graffiti 2007-present
  The Zone 1999-present
  Cast Concrete in the Auto Age 2008-present
  Mid Century Modern Playground Sculptures 2007-present
  -- Other Installations and Photography Projects --
  Roosevelt Warehouse and the Cauldron 2007-2010
  Fountain of Youth Vending Machine 2008-2010
  Lao Zhu and the Flour Factory 2009
  Detroit Midden Mound 2008
  RELICS 2001-2016
  Tire Pyramid 2006
  Animals 2006
  Icelandic Saga 2006
  Scrappers 2000-2004
  Found Slides 2000-2004
  Pictures of a City - Detroit 1997-2006
  Alchemical Works and Drawings 1997-present


THE ZONE - Since the late 1990s, I've watched this neighborhood become abandoned, torn down, and blocked off by concrete barricades. The last residents moved out, their houses and the burnt ones surrounding them were demolished; the haunted church of St. Cyril's village was scrapped to the point of collapse; the vacant streets became dumping grounds, which brought on the concrete roadblocks; the trees were torn out, to appease potential builders; finally Cooper school on Georgia was closed and scrapped clean. But the sale of the land never happened. Aside from the massive complexes along Huber, The Zone still sits vacant. Large uprooted trees lay in piles. Random mounds of earth and demolished debris have overgrown with grasses and wildflowers. Flooded streets have become marshlands and swamps. Wildlife abounds: pheasants, rabbits, snakes, frogs, hawks, numerous birds, along with stray cats or dogs, can all be found here. The I-94 Industrial Park Renaissance Zone has inadvertently become one of the most natural topographies of Detroit.

In September of 2014, while working on my project Lot Circles, the Industrial Park Renaissance Zone was once again cleared of all debris and trees - leveled down to the dirt, 10 years after the first mass clearing. In 2015, 40 acres were purchased by Matty Moroun, who immediately built a huge logistics center. 2 years later, another 30 acres were purchased by auto parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate, and construction began in 2017. Yet there are still dozens of wild acres left, which I will keep documenting until they too vanish.

“The I-94 Industrial Park Renaissance Zone is 289.6 acres. The Industrial Park, Phase 1, located inside the Renaissance Zone, is comprised of 189 acres. Up to 153 acres of Phase 1 are buildable. The property is approximately 2,500 feet by 2,500 feet. The property is an irregular square shape. The land is flat. There are no wetlands on the site. The site is not within a flood hazard.” - Excerpt from the MEDC's online I-94 Industrial Park Detail PDF